Collective Impact


Collaboration and partnerships are at the root of building community resilience to wildfire.  Whether it’s agencies and organizations working together or neighbors working with other neighbors; wildfire adaptation is most successful when approached collaboratively.

Everyone has a role to play in wildfire adaptation.  Illustrated below are a number of the different components and actions associated with fire adaptation.

FAC Infographic

Whatcom CD focuses on many of the activities outlined in orange on the diagram and works closely with Whatcom County, WA Department of Natural Resources, Whatcom County fire districts and city fire departments, and the Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network to educate landowners about wildfire risk, promote wildfire risk reduction actions, connect homeowners and communities to experts and resources, and assess risk and mitigation strategies at the county planning level. 

If you’d like to partner with the Whatcom Conservation District on wildfire adaptation in Whatcom County, please contact us!





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