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Precipitation Summary: 2011 - present

The following table shows the historical and current precipitation amounts for Lynden, WA. While you may not live in Lynden, you can get a sense of the total amount of precipitation we have had this year compared to previous years. Use this information to assess your current storage and understand the conditions that contribute to storage capacity and manure application timing.

Table: Annual precipitation for Lynden, WA by month with total annual rainfall and total storage period (Oct-Mar) values listed.


*Storage Period Total = the total amount of precipitation received from October 1 to March 31. You have to look at two years for this information. For example the storage period for 2016 is calculated from Oct 2015 to Mar 2016.

Weather Forecast and Links

When discussing the forecast, the current day is always included. For example, a 3 day forecast is for the current day and two days forward.

  • NOAA Detail - A comprehensive 4 day forecast in 6 hour blocks that provides a more detailed daily breakdown of predicted rainfall in addition to many other parameters.
  • WSU AgWeatherNet – Current, detailed weather conditions for the Whatcom Count area. Use this information for assessing temperature, wind speed, wind direction, etc. prior to applications or irrigation events. If necessary, adjust your practices accordingly to accommodate current weather conditions. (Source: Washington State University)
  • Farm West - A Canadian based page that gives a short range forecast as well as good information on manure application practices as they relate to the current weather and season.
  • AccuWeather – A look back at total daily rainfall amount up to the current day. (Enter in your location then scroll down to “More Historical Weather Data” for historical information).
  • Weather Underground – Access historical data for total daily rainfall. (Enter in your location then click on “Weather History for This Location” on the left for historical information).
  • CoCoRaHS - Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network is a community based volunteer input of precipitation data on a daily basis. You can join too! WCD has the "approved" rain gauges available. Just come on in, pick one up and join the network.

Long Term Forecast Discussion

The following sources provide a discussion of the long range forecast as well as current weather events. This can be used for anticipating coming weather events and planning ahead.


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