Thank you, Chris Clark!


Chris Clark

While we are selfishly sad that Chris is departing, we are excited for his new adventure and the advancement of his career to serve as Southwest Area Engineer for the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Service, is what motivates Chris. Before coming to us as a graduate of WSU, he served our country in the first Gulf War as a combat engineer.

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Landowner Spotlight: Haphazard Homesteading

Haphazard Homstreading

Casi, Chamisa, Abigail, and Brian are an extended family that moved to Whatcom County in 2018 ready to start their farm journey. And what a journey! They have a small breeding herd of Low-line Angus and Angus crossed with Belted Galloway cows, pigs, poultry, a market garden, and new for 2019, a seasonal self-serve road-side farm stand on the Aldrich Road.

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Orca Recovery Day 2019- a success for our salmon!

Orca Recovery Day 2019
Puget Sound’s Southern Resident Orca whales are critically endangered. The single biggest threat to our local Orca population is lack of their primary food source. Chinook salmon make up 80% of the orca diet, and because of loss of habitat and increasing pollution, local salmon populations are a fraction of what they used to be.
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Landowner Spotlight: Terry Plake

Terri Plake and her horses

Terri Plake has been keeping horses and trail riding in Whatcom county for more than twenty years. After boarding horses with friends for many years, a long-time dream to keep her horses at home came true when Terri moved to a beautiful 6-acre farm in Ferndale. The farm includes a historic barn and is surrounded by productive Whatcom hay fields. After being contacted by the Department of Ecology regarding manure management, Terri reached out to the Whatcom Conservation District for free and confidential custom planning support.

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Landowner Spotlight: Caitlyn Honcoop Tuben

Caitlyn Tuben and Her Horse

Growing up on a Raspberry Farm in Lynden, WA, Caitlin Honcoop Tuben  had plenty of experience with rural land management.

But, her perspective shifted when she and her husband Jonathon purchased their own five acres in Ferndale.

"Managing our own land was overwhelming at first, and working with the Conservation District helped us to develop a plan that feels sustainable and manageable." -Caitlin

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Landowner Spotlight: Pete Amell

Pete and His Matey

After a career in forestry in Idaho, Pete and Denise Amell and their four horses have retired to five acres in the Jordan Creek watershed. Part of Jordan Creek meanders through their property which also contains infrastructure from a historic small farm dairy operation.

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The 7th Annual Run with the Chums was Off the Hook!

Run with the Chums 2019

On September 14th, over 290 families, runners, walkers, dog owners, and community members joined the Whatcom Conservation District to celebrate Healthy Water, Healthy Habitat, and Healthy People.  
The race took place at Cherry Point and Point Whitehorn, which is an area used for farming, recreation, and provides habitat to a number of different wildlife including, salmon, owls, hawks, coyotes and many more.

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