Students for Salmon

   Beth Speaking
  Whatcom Conservation District employee Beth Chisholm talks to students about the relationship between water quality and the types of bugs in the stream.    

Students for Salmon is a program coordinated by the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA), a non-profit salmon restoration organization in Whatcom County. The goal of the program is to teach students about salmon and their watershed environment. By teaching the students about what salmon require in order to live, the program encourages the students to become environmental stewards.

Whatcom Conservation District staff have assisted NSEA employees in teaching the macroinvertebrate sampling portion of the Students for Salmon curriculum. By examining the number and types of macroinvertebrates in a stream, students gain insight into and draw conclusions about the quality of water in the stream. For more information about the Students for Salmon program, contact NSEA at or on the web:

Beth Net   Identification
Beth Chisholm shows the macroinvertebrate sampling net to students as she prepares to collect a sample of bugs from the stream for the students to examine.   Students identify different macroinvertebrate species using magnifying glasses and identification charts.
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