Virtual Pasture Tours

Listen to local Whatcom County farmers, as they share how they manage their pastures to increase yields, improve soil health and grow a high quality forage for their animals. Each episode showcases how various farms adapt their management for grass growth. Whether you are raising horses, beef, sheep or goats, healthy pastures are a vital component of your farm’s success. Overcome pasture challenges and grow thriving, nutritious pastures for your animals! For the full Virtual Pasture Tour playlist visit our YouTube channel.

Episode 1: Soil Activity & Pasture Planning This episode features Raegan Miller and his Icelandic sheep. Join us as we tour his farm to learn about soil activity and pasture planning. We also explore many of the tools offered by Whatcom CD, including FREE tarps for covering manure/compost systems and $200 rebates for gutters and downspouts.


Episode 2: Soil Test Interpretation & Pasture Rotation This episode features Don Hrutfiord, his grandson, and cattle. Join us as we tour his farm to learn how he prepares his pastures for optimal grass growth. We also explore many of the tools Whatcom CD offers to support your pasture goals!Episode 3: Optimize Grazing for Continuous Growth This episode features Michele Bennett and her horse, Tailor. Join us as we tour her farm to learn about how she sets up her fencing and rotates her pastures to keep her horse healthy throughout the summer! We also explore many of the tools offered by Whatcom CD, including the manure spreader rental and soil test program.Episode 4: Irrigation Management for Sustained Pasture Growth This episode features Joel Wiersma, who talks us through his irrigation management plan. Join us to learn more about Joel’s equipment and practices that help keep his fields producing high quality forage throughout the season.Episode 5: Compost Systems for Manure Management This episode features Mike and Julia Bozzo from the Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center, where horse manure is composted in a covered facility. Composting manure is beneficial when dealing with large quantities of manure, as it reduces the volume of material and creates a great fertilizer. Join us to learn how this compost system was built and how it operates.Episode 6: Improved Infrastructure for Winter Readiness This episode features Jim and Kim Grams, who recently partnered with the Whatcom CD to rebuild the footing of their heavy use area. Jim and Kim had dealt with a lot of mud in the winter around their barn. They installed grid mats and brought in gravel to improve drainage, ultimately leading to easier chores, reduced mud, clean water, and happier, healthier horses.Episode 7: Incorporating Track Paddock Systems for Winter Pasture Management This episode features Michele Bennett from Episode 3. We are back with Michele at her farm to follow up on her practices for improved winter readiness. She is joined by Whatcom veterinarian, Dr. Sharon Hoofnagle. Together, they discuss the benefits and special considerations of track paddock systems, in addition to pasture management strategies, to maximize horse and field health leading into the winter.grass

Whatcom CD Farm Planners are available to assist you! We are still offering FREE and custom farm planning services, a $200 rebate towards barn gutters or heavy use area footing and our manure spreader loan program.

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