Birch Bay Clean Up: 4th of July 2021

Volunteers picking up trash along the beach at Birch Bay.

After a night of celebrating independence, over 60 community members came together on July 5th to clean up debris on Birch Bay beaches this year. Volunteers picked up 4.83 tons of trash from fireworks that were left on the beach, tidelands and shoreline. That's over 2 full sized dumpsters full of debris!

Pile of trash picked up off the beach. This yearly cleanup effort was a successful again for the Birch Bay community, thanks to all of the volunteers that worked together to keep the beach beautiful and safe for people and wildlife!

The day was a hot and sunny but community numbers of all ages came to grab some coffee, brownies, gloves, and garbage bags. Unfortunately, firework debris was everywhere from the newly restored berm, to far out on the tideflats. It had already intermixed with high tide seaweed and some had become partially buried in the sand. Volunteers began the clean up early in the morning, and the effort was still going strong by mid-day. 

While cleaning the beach, volunteers were able to enjoy visits from some of the marine wildlife that call Birch Bay home including lion’s mane jellyfish, shore crabs, squirting clams, and shore birds. There was a sense of collaboration and community pride in working together to create a cleaner and healthier home for the wildlife and people of Birch Bay. 

If you are interested in regularly contributing to protecting water quality,Woman holding up BBWARM bucket with child in it. you can volunteer and become a Watershed Watcher today! The Watershed Watchers program is hosted by the Birch Bay Watershed & Aquatic Resources Management District (BBWARM). Watershed Watchers can participate in improving water quality in 2 ways:

  1. Report storm water problems associated with drainage, pollution, erosion, infrastructure maintenance needs, and illegal dumping. 
  2. Adopt-a-Block to help keep your community free of trash and debris. 

To join the Watershed Watchers, use the following link: Become a Watershed Watcher. If you become part of Adopt-a-Bock, you will be given a kit of equipment to help you in your efforts to keep your community free of trash! 

Thank you to all the Watershed Watchers and other volunteers who came out to help clean up Birch Bay on the 5th! Thank you to BBWARM for hosting the event with help from Whatcom County Public Works, the Whatcom Conservation District, and the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce.  


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