Orca Recovery Day 2020

11/05/20 - 09:00 am

ORD 2020

Join us and take action October 5th- November 5th!
Southern Resident Orcas rely on their main food source, the endangered Chinook salmon to survive. Due to habitat loss, increased pollution, and climate change, it has become even more difficult for migrating salmon to make the journey upstream to their spawning grounds. In order to recover our orca population, we must start with our salmon.

Orca Recovery Day reminds us that our everyday choices matter to the health of our watershed and wildlife. This year, we’re bringing Orca Recovery Day to your home. Be a part of the solution by joining the Whatcom CD Eco Challenge Team!

How to participate?

  1. Click here to register through October 5th! 
  2. Once you’ve joined, browse the multitude of actions and learn how they make a difference to the health of our aquatic species.
  3. Get inspired—select the actions you hope to complete October 5th-November 5th.
  4. Earn points for our team when you complete an action. Every action you take gives our team a better advantage against other teams.
  5. Follow our team's progress  throughout the competition to see our collective impact! At the end of the competition, the winners will receive a prize.

Questions? Contact Aneka Sweeney at asweeney@whatcomcd.org



Orca Recovery Day from Allan Warren on Vimeo.

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