Fishtrap Creek Open House - POSTPONED

03/18/20 - 06:00 pm


Fishtrap Creek Neighborhood Open House - POSTPONED

In response to the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and current Whatcom Health Department recommendations, the Fishtrap Creek Open House will be postponed until further notice.We still want to hear you!  Please fill out our survey form below to submit erosion issues or threats to infrastructure you have identified in and/or around Fishtrap Creek.

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During the next few months there will be field staff conducting in-stream data collection in Fishtrap Creek.  This information will help to characterize current stream conditions.    

Photo courtesy of NSEA


Project Background
The Washington State Department of Commerce is providing funding for this project through a Direct Appropriation Grant sponsored by 42nd District Legislators. The project is a response to streambank erosion threatening infrastructure and a desire to better understand present and future stream conditions in the City of Lynden.

Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this project is to analyze past, present, and future conditions of the Fishtrap Creek corridor through the City of Lynden; complete a suite of recommendations to reduce threats to infrastructure and to enhance fish habitat; and to design and construct one or more pilot projects (see Figure 1, Study Area). The information produced will be used by the City of Lynden, city residents, and other stakeholders to increase understanding of current and future conditions and to identify solutions that have benefits both to habitat and existing infrastructure.



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