Manure Spreading Advisory (MSA)

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The following Manure Spreading Advisory (MSA) should be used in conjunction with your Nutrient Management Plan and application guidance to help you determine when applying manure is advisable.

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Click your location on the map to access the ARM Field Risk Assessment Worksheet to determine if application is okay on your field right now. If the risk is high, don't apply!


Current Conditions: January-February 2021 - Manure application season is starting for low risk fields. Fill out an ARM worksheet prior to any application this time of year. Do NOT apply before any significant rain event, as the risk of runoff is high this time of year.
Check the MSA often for big rain events and dry windows.   Fill out an ARM Worksheet prior to application (link on MSA map) and/or if rain is in the forecast or if you might have wet, saturated field conditions.

(This map is updated daily by 6:00 am. If the advisory date is not current on your map, press the "F5" button on your keyboard to refresh the page.)

The risk value on the map is based on the 72 hour precipitation forecast for a given area. This value best predicts the potential risk associated with movement of manure applied to a field.

Notes on Manure Spreading Advisory (MSA) Map

This advisory is the first step in assessing if your field conditions are suitable for manure application and should be followed up with observation of your field characteristics to determine if manure application is appropriate at any time of the year. In some cases, even when the advisory is med-high, you may have individual fields that can be applied to because they are low risk. The ARM worksheet will help you take the next step to assess the risk associated with application to individual fields.


Please note, even if this map says your risk is low, it cannot account for every variable or condition present on your field. It is your responsibility to use your best judgment and adhere to all application guidelines outlined in your plan. Always err on the side of caution to prevent unwanted discharges. Manure application practices that cause a discharge can lead to fines and/or necessitate a CAFO permit for your facility. The Whatcom Conservation District and the NRCS assume no responsibility for inappropriate manure application. Proper application is ultimately your responsibility.

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