Landowner Spotlight

Landowner Spotlight: The Bryan Family

The Bryan Family

Bruce and Linda Bryan are watershed stewards doing their part to protect habitat along a tributary of Terrell Creek.

The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) helped them transform their unmanaged 10-acre parcel,overgrown with alder trees and blackberries, into a diverse wetland and forest complex protecting and restoring salmon habitat.

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Landowner Spotlight: Don Hrutfiord

Don Hurtifiord

Don Hrutfiord runs a beef operation along with his wife Mary and son Chris near Drayton Harbor, just south of Blaine. Since the Hrutfiord farm includes an unnamed creek that flows directly into the harbor, Don and family chose to be early adopters of farm planning services offered by the Whatcom Conservation District (WCD) way back in 1996.

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Landowner Spotlight: Darrell Ambrose

Darrell Ambrose

In the early 1900’s Darrell Ambrose’s great grandfather settled onto land adjacent to the Samish River, just south of Acme, to start a farm from scratch and raise a herd of Brown Swiss cows. The hand-built heritage barn still stands and is a testament to the Ambrose family’s commitment to building things that last.

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Landowner Spotlight: Haphazard Homesteading

Haphazard Homstreading

Casi, Chamisa, Abigail, and Brian are an extended family that moved to Whatcom County in 2018 ready to start their farm journey. And what a journey! They have a small breeding herd of Low-line Angus and Angus crossed with Belted Galloway cows, pigs, poultry, a market garden, and new for 2019, a seasonal self-serve road-side farm stand on the Aldrich Road.

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Landowner Spotlight: Terry Plake

Terri Plake and her horses

Terri Plake has been keeping horses and trail riding in Whatcom county for more than twenty years. After boarding horses with friends for many years, a long-time dream to keep her horses at home came true when Terri moved to a beautiful 6-acre farm in Ferndale. The farm includes a historic barn and is surrounded by productive Whatcom hay fields. After being contacted by the Department of Ecology regarding manure management, Terri reached out to the Whatcom Conservation District for free and confidential custom planning support.

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Landowner Spotlight: Caitlyn Honcoop Tuben

Caitlyn Tuben and Her Horse

Growing up on a Raspberry Farm in Lynden, WA, Caitlin Honcoop Tuben  had plenty of experience with rural land management.

But, her perspective shifted when she and her husband Jonathon purchased their own five acres in Ferndale.

"Managing our own land was overwhelming at first, and working with the Conservation District helped us to develop a plan that feels sustainable and manageable." -Caitlin

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Landowner Spotlight: Pete Amell

Pete and His Matey

After a career in forestry in Idaho, Pete and Denise Amell and their four horses have retired to five acres in the Jordan Creek watershed. Part of Jordan Creek meanders through their property which also contains infrastructure from a historic small farm dairy operation.

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Whatcom Conservation District is Proud to Nominate Local Farmer for Conservation Award.

Vim Wright Award

Whatcom Conservation District nominated Rich Appel of Appel Farms for his environmental leadership in the Whatcom County agricultural community. On November 27, 2018 he was awarded the Vim Wright ‘Building Bridges’ award at the 2018 annual meeting of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD) in Kennewick, WA.  

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