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Whatcom CD Board of Supervisor Election Information

Each Conservation District is governed by a board of five supervisors who are all local residents. Click HERE to meet our current board members. 

2021 Board of Supervisor Election

The Whatcom Conservation District (WCD) is soliciting applications for Supervisors to –serve on the WCD Board of Directors, ensuring that its programs effectively meet the priority natural resource needs of Whatcom County.  An election for one seat on the Whatcom Conservation District Board will be held for 2021 by mail-in only due to COVID.  Ballots can be returned on or before election day, March 23, 2021 by 6:00 p.m. 

Election Timeline Graphic


March 23, 2021 WCD Election Ballot Count  

The information provided is the preliminary ballot count as of March 25, 2021 and for information purposes only.  Additional ballots postmarked on or before March 23, 2021 that are received will be counted on March 30, 2021. Election results are subject to certification of election by the Washington State Conservation Commission at their May meeting.

Election Results


Ballot verification process and opening/counting


Due to COVID Whatcom County Elections office will not be counting the Whatcom Conservation District Supervisor Election Ballots this year.  There has been interest in observing our verification and ballot counting, so the WCD Board set up the following process.

Ballot verification process and opening/counting will start on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 8:30 am and may continue into Friday.  A follow-up meeting to open and count any additional ballots that are received with the appropriate postmark will take place on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 8:30 am.  

To observe the entire voter verification and ballot counting process, you can connect through these Microsoft Teams meetings following these links (one for each day).

For observing ballot opening and count only, please provide your email address in the form below and we will send you a notification that the opening will begin in 15 minutes.  Please note that is the most time we can provide for you to connect to the meeting prior to the opening.  By providing your email address, it is subject to a public records request.

Outline of Ballot Processing:

  1. Verification of Voter Eligibly using the Whatcom County Voter Registration List. Also check for to make sure attestation statement on return envelope is signed.
  2. Open Return Envelopes and remove Secrecy Envelopes.
  3. Open Secrecy Envelopes and count ballots.
  4. Post preliminary count on website.  Subject to verification by Washington State Conservation Commission.





Step 1

Do you want to become a District Supervisor? 

•    The deadline to file as a candidate is January 8, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. 
•    Candidates for this seat must be registered voters residing in Whatcom County and is required to own land or operate a farm.  

To download the Candidate Application form click HERE

For more information on what a Supervisors/Board Members responsibilities see bottom of this page or click here

Step 2

2021 Candidates: bios linked below

Whatcom Conservation District Election Candidate Forum

Step 3

Mail-in ballots are only available upon request.  The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is February 8, 2021 by 4:00 p.m.  

Voters can request ballots by phone or by using the Whatcom Conservation District’s ballot request form here

For your privacy and to ensure your information is current, a new request for a mail-in ballot must be completed every election year.  

Your email addresses will be NOT be collected when you complete a ballot request.   NOTE:  You must ensure that all the information placed in the ballot request form is accurate before you hit the submit button or you may not receive a ballot.


Step 4

Ballots will be mailed to you early March, 2021.
If you have not received a ballot by March 10, 2021, please contact the WCD office at (360) 526-2381 x 101 for a replacement.  Requests for replacements cannot be honored after March 16.  


Step 5

If you requested a mail-in ballot, you have two options to return your completed ballot:

  1. Mail it in.  To be counted all mailed ballots must be postmarked on or before March 23, 2021.  NOTE:  not all mail is postmarked the day it is deposited with the post office due to changes to its mail-handling process.  
  2. Drop it off.  To be counted, all hand-delivered ballots must be dropped in the Whatcom Conservation District drop box at our office at 6975 Hannegan Rd, Lynden beside the front door on or before March 23, 2021 by 6:00 p.m.

NOTE: You will not be able to drop off your Supervisor Election ballot at any County election drop boxes.


If you have any questions regarding elections or serving on the Board, contact Dawn Bekenyi at or 360-526-2381 x 101.


All official updates will be posted only on this election webpage.


2021 Whatcom CD Board Opening for Appointed Position:

Whatcom CD is seeking candidates for a Board position appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission.  All CD supervisors are public officials who serve without compensation and set policy and direction for the WCD.  Applicants for appointed position must be a Washington State registered voter, but do not have to live within the district to apply. Applicant may be required to own land or operate a farm.  For more information, or to obtain an application form, please contact WCD at (360) 526-2381 or visit the Conservation Commission website at (application form is here).  Applications and supporting materials must be received by the Commission no later than March 31, 2021.


What is a Whatcom Conservation District Supervisor?

Each Conservation District is governed by a board of five supervisors who are all local residents. Click here to meet our current board members.

Supervisor Role & Responsibilities

  • Identify local natural resource conservation needs
  • Develop and evaluate Annual and Long-range plans.
  • Educate and inform landowners, farm operators, the general public, and local, state and federal legislators on conservation issues and programs.
  • Administer the District by delegating tasks through a structure of board officers and committees.
  • Budget district funds and report on activities to the public.
  • Set policy for District Executive Director to implement.
  • CD Supervisors are public officials who serve without compensation.

Time Required

A Supervisor’s term of office is three years. Supervisors are expected to attend 12 regularly scheduled board meetings per year, committee meetings, and other special meetings, for an average of 20 days/year.


  • Serving your community by guiding programs to protect and enhance its natural resource priorities for present and future generations
  • Satisfaction in seeing conservation practices applied locally
  • Interaction with others who are passionate about natural resource conservation
  • Ability to provide input to local, State, and Federal conservation programs
  • Learning opportunities through the Washington Conservation Commission and the Washington Association of District Employees.


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