Tenmile Watershed

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Tenmile Watershed

Tenmile Creek LogoThe Tenmile Creek Watershed project is a volunteer local effort to improve the health of the Tenmile Creek watershed. Our watershed includes Tenmile Creek, Fourmile Creek, and Deer Creek. It is a common sense approach to match the landowner’s land use and management needs and our community’s desire and need to improve water quality for present and future generations. Our goal is to improve the health of our streams, including wildlife habitat, while maintaining our ability to farm and use our land.

Since this project began in 2001, over 200 families have participated. Together, we have walked their creek and looked at ways to improve the creek while improving their property. Over 11 miles of stream has been planted, 9 sites have received LWD, fish passages have been improved, and we are monitoring our progress with eight monitoring stations. See Tenmile Treasures Summer 2007 for a water quality update.


We have participated in the Farmers Growing Trees for Salmon program where we were given free trees for our streams. We took them home to improve fish habitat at no cost.



We have attended workshops to learn more about best management practices for our septic systems, our farms, and our creeks.


We met with our elders to hear stories from long ago. We learned how they lived in the early 1900s, how they used the land, and about how rich the county was in natural resources. To date twelve Tenmile creek residents have shared their memories and these are now archived at the Lynden Pioneer Museum.

Logging Father and SonBrothers 1941

This project began with a survey of the residences of the Tenmile Creek watershed. Over 25% responded. Four years later we, we again asked them for a response.  A short summary precedes the survey in its entirety, along with the comments shared. After taking a look, please email me your thoughts or comments. This project is about learning from each other. Thank you.

Learn what your neighbors have said. Click here to view responses (216 KB).

Tenmile Newsletter - learn what is happening in the Tenmile Creek Watershed.

Other Publications for Tenmile

Please call with any comments, suggestions, and/or complaints.  Make an appointment today.  This project is about a watershed community hoping to create a healthier watershed for the next generation. Your participation is completely voluntary.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

Dorie Belisle
Project Manager